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Internet Marketing was created by Luc@, a career Marketer, with a long practice and well known name in the "Make Money Online" Industry.

The main ebooks are:

1. "Adult Money - Adult Webmaster Bible - Sexy & Adult Marketing on Internet" (English / Español) - it is one of the most complete and known guide about how to make money on Internet with Adult Industry. Min 18 years old required.

2. "100 Money Ideas (to make 1 million in 1 year) on Internet" (English / Español) - it's an ebook elaborated after the 1 million in 1 year challenge from Nov 13, 2008 - Nov 13, 2009. The ebook will be launched in November 2013!!!

3. "Sexy Money - sexy marketing on Internet" - is the 1st ebook ever created about making money on internet using physical attraction. Some of its ideas were already intruduced in "Sexy & Adult Marketing on Internet", but the new ebook will not include any "adult oriented" stuff and that's why will not exist the "min 18 y/o" limitation. The ebook will be launched in December 2013! MISSION:

- to change the world mentality from:
    - "dependent" (waiting for others to do something - Parents, Teachers, Politicians) to
      "independent" (Do it yourself, if not, nobody else will!);

    - "searching for a job" to "create your own job/business" and "create jobs/businesses for others";

    - "be the same" to "Dare to be different!";
    - "follow the leaders" to "Be a leader!";
    - "listen to others" to "Inovate & invent!";
    - "worker" to "commission worker, freelancer or business owner".

- to spread and improve the knowledges about Marketing, Make Money Online, Internet Marketing & Work From Home;

- to militate for the introduction in elementary schools of Internet Marketing, Selling techniques & Work From Home lessons;

- to offer solutions against (economic, political, moral, life philosophy) "Crisis".

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